NetBeans Platform development

NetBeans long-time user and NetBeans Dream Team member, Emilian Bold is the owner of the company.

We can help you develop NetBeans Platform applications.

But we could also do patches on top of the NetBeans codebase for a specific feature that the Platform or IDE doesn't yet have. 

Of course, we are also pretty good with Java and other technologies.

We develop using Mac or Linux machines so we even have iOS experience. We probably were among the first Romanian companies to join the iOS Developer Program back in 2008.

Open Source

We couldn't do our job without open-source!

Most of our software stack is open-source and we try to give back to the community as much as possible.

We sponsored the NetBeans Platform localization into Romanian, already part of the official NetBeans codebase.

We report NetBeans bugs and submit patches. We also contribute all over the place. Emilian also has commit rights to the NetBeans repository so we can fix bugs directly into upstream.

We have a paid internship which also has open-source projects. A local summer of code!

Also sponsoring the free for personal use NBnotify plugin (NetBeans Growl notifications bridge).
Distributed company

We are a distributed company.

We communicate and coordinate online and we make our own schedule.

Our motto is "honesty & well done software" because there is no shortcut in software you don't later regret. So you have to do it well from the start.

We also have good wages and benefits. If you are interested about joining the team, contact us! We are always looking for good people.