Joseki Bold releases Romanian localization of NetBeans Platform

Romania, Timisoara -- September 21st, 2009 -- Joseki Bold SRL has released the Romanian localization of NetBeans Platform which makes it easy to build NetBeans Platform application with Romanian localization as well as pave the way for a full NetBeans IDE localization.

"It's something I've been meaning to do for quite some time but my consulting business has kept me busy. So I decided to hire a translator through my company and, a month later, here it is !" says Emilian Bold (Joseki Bold owner). "It even features proper Romanian diacritics, not the wrong cedilla marks some applications use."

A NetBeans Platform build is available from while the localization itself will be committed soon in the official NetBeans repositories.

About Joseki Bold SRL

Joseki Bold SRL is a startup from Romania owned by NetBeans Dream Team member Emilian Bold. It does mostly NetBeans based projects, but also has members working on iPhone applications. For more informations, please visit