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Summer of Code - FAQ

We are generally flexible and the setup depends on the project, the student and the mentor involved. Thus, don't take these answers as axiomatic but as guidelines. If in doubt, send an email.

1. Does the once-a-week meeting mean meeting in person?

Ideally yes, if your mentor is in the same city as you are. Meeting in person does make communication much faster than via text or even voice.

But, if it's not possible due to the student's or the mentor's location, the meeting will just be a Skype meeting.

2. Are the 6 hours / day (30 hours / week) fixed or flexible?

They are flexible but you should announce your schedule in advance.

It all boils down to having a healthy and productive schedule. Trying to work, for example, 3 days with 10 hours / day won't be accepted since it's clearly unproductive.

But you could work 8 hours in one day and only 4 hours in another. Working less than 3 hours in a day is also generally unproductive.

3. Can I apply to more than I project?

Yes, just list them in order of your preference.

4. When does work start?

The submission deadline is June 15th and work will start July 1st.

5. What if I can't start work in July but I can later in the summer, like August?

When you send you CV also let us know of your restrictions. If you do get selected we could delay the project start to fit your schedule as long as it's still during the summer.